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Big DumpTruck Blogs the WXLO Awesome 80s Prom

Okay, Jennie, you can stop your weeping, I’m heading out to the prom in about 15 minutes. My cousin and I will be crashing the prom in pegged pants, slouch socks and ripped shirts. I have big hair (well, as big as I could get it with medium-hold hairspray and sort of longish bangs.) I feel like a dork and I wish I’d had time to get a proper prom dress, but getting the tickets yesterday and someone to go with this afternoon didn’t leave much time. Mom ran to the Salvation Army for me, but when she started to say “80’s prom” the woman cut her off and pointed to the back wall, warning that they’d been swamped all week. Unfortunately, I remain prom dress-less. But I don’t care one bit, because my cousin is a riot and we’ll have fun even if we overshoot the Sheraton and end up buying tires at BJs.

My men are off having a boys night out, so there’s nobody here to take my picture. I’ll be honest with you…I wasn’t trendy back in the 80s, so it’s hard for me to know what to wear. And even if I know exactly the look I want, I hardly have this stuff lying around. Actually, the funniest thing about what I’m wearing (to me) is my shoes…they are, for all intents and purposes, capezios (sp?). Remember when we all wore these damned things?