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Are They Really “Opening” at This Point?

I was just on looking at the hourly forecast for tomorrow, and I feel pretty confident that the postponed “opening ceremony” for Little League will again be cancelled. By next Saturday, which I assume would be the new date, we’ll have been playing games for 2 weeks. Is it really an opening ceremony at that point?

Maybe because we didn’t go last year (I don’t think T-Ball is included) I don’t know what the big deal is. Well, I guess all the kids from each team get introduced and walk across the field. That’s cool for the majors and minors, but heck, instructional league doesn’t even get their team names put on the North Leominster Little League official website. So we’ll have to sit there while 10 to 15 kids from each team (I believe in total there are 16 or so teams) get introduced. It’ll be like watching a graduation ceremony, but maybe without the boring speeches from 18 year olds telling each other “we are the future, and we will go out and make a difference!” Ya, okay, that’s cool, but can you leave pickles off the tuna sub, Brittany?