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More XLO 80s Prom Thoughts

Sorry, wasn’t near a keyboard most of the day. To appease Jennie, here are a few more thoughts on the subject.

Okay, here’s the deal – I didn’t think I was even going to this thing until about 4:30pm, and it started at 7. So my outfit was very much hobbled together. I took a too-big shirt and cut off the collar and the hem, and wore it over a tank top. Big hoop earrings, blue eye shadow (I didn’t have the right stuff to do the cool eyes.) There were SO many things that I either forgot about or didn’t have and didn’t have time to get. Jacqui and I swore we would try to win tickets again next year, and would spend the next 365 days gathering accessories. Little things like tying a bow in your hair out of netting (tulle?), crimping (my GOD, where did all those women finding crimping irons?) ankle boots, the right kind of bracelets, etc.

We just stood there and laughed and laughed and pointed out stuff to each other the whole night. The biggest question we had about a lot of people was “did they go out and find that especially for tonight or did they have it in the back of the closet? Or a more important question, did they wear it normally? The hair was great, but there were a couple of women who you thought maybe hadn’t strayed too far from that style in the past 20 years anyway.

Guys really got into it, too. Lots of Risky Business-type looks…Wayfarers, collars up. One of our favorite guys had moussed out his hair and was wearing eyeliner. Does it say more about me or about him that we both thought he looked damned good?

The prom dresses were kind of fun too, but I think the people NOT in prom dresses had more fun. Some of those dresses looked SO uncomfortable. But you know that some of them were actually taking from storage at mom’s house. As Jacqui pointed out – teal was very popular in the 80s…and very popular last night.

We pretty much spent the whole night on the dance floor. That was for two reasons – one, it was really fun music to dance to, and two, in an effort to be fashionably late, she convinced me we shouldn’t arrive right at 7, and by the time we got there at 8, there were no seats left at any tables. So that also means we didn’t get to have any of the bowls of munchies they had put out, and by then, and no waiters came by to offer hors d’ouvres to us. They were either done by then, or only going to tables. Next time I’m not listening to her. I’ll get there at 7 and have a place to hang my aching feet. Oh, and I’ll have more than a bowl of cereal before I go…that Life doesn’t last all that long when you are dancing for 3 hours straight.

The 80s arena rock cover band M80 was featured, and they were fantastic. I was wondering why a radio station wouldn’t just play 80s tracks, but these guys were great and it was very fun to have a live band that did a fantastic job with the covers.

So I think that’s most everything. It was really really fun, and I’d go again in a second. Oh, and the pictures below are the one ones that came out. I’m sorry the Delorean picture is so bad, but it was outside in the parking lot at 9:30 at night, so that’s actually better than I’d hoped for. I think that was the closest I’ve ever been to one (I got to stick my head in it) and my only question is – who the hell wants a stainless steel car? I mean, other than that it’s cool, but dude, stainless steel? (WXLO’s website should have pictures posted in the next few days (I assume) of people from the prom. So I’ll just send you their way when I notice them up.)

Oh, and Jacqui didn’t win, but we’ll get ’em next year. She did receive a lovely parting gift, and hell, it took her mind of the fact that her daughter went to a real prom last night. Are we actually that old? Yikes. We both agreed that our prom was probably more fun.

p.s. As I said to him when he and his wife were standing behind us in the bar line, as soon as I heard Eric Heinan (the morning traffic guy) was going to be attending, I decided to try to win tickets. Because he makes me laugh every morning, and I just wanted to see the face behind the voice, that’s why. I can report that while he didn’t look the way I expected (I had this towering blond guy in my head) he was very charming, was nice to talk to, and he and his wife both seem to be sweethearts! I’m sure she thought I was a bit psycho, but hey, we all listen to this guy every morning, we feel like we know him!

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prom status

Okay, this is fantastic. I’m floored by how many people had a ton of 80s crap available for dressing up.

The interesting thing is my date, my cousin Jacqui, is in the running for the celeb look-alike contest for looking the most like Pat Benatar. I can’t believe how funny this all is. Wish you were here!

P.s. Someone borrowed her dad’s Delorean for the night, and then couldn’t figure out how to put the headlights on and was afraid to call her dad. This is a seriously amusing group of people. (I took a picture of the car but it didn’t come out…)

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Big DumpTruck Blogs the WXLO Awesome 80s Prom

Okay, Jennie, you can stop your weeping, I’m heading out to the prom in about 15 minutes. My cousin and I will be crashing the prom in pegged pants, slouch socks and ripped shirts. I have big hair (well, as big as I could get it with medium-hold hairspray and sort of longish bangs.) I feel like a dork and I wish I’d had time to get a proper prom dress, but getting the tickets yesterday and someone to go with this afternoon didn’t leave much time. Mom ran to the Salvation Army for me, but when she started to say “80’s prom” the woman cut her off and pointed to the back wall, warning that they’d been swamped all week. Unfortunately, I remain prom dress-less. But I don’t care one bit, because my cousin is a riot and we’ll have fun even if we overshoot the Sheraton and end up buying tires at BJs.

My men are off having a boys night out, so there’s nobody here to take my picture. I’ll be honest with you…I wasn’t trendy back in the 80s, so it’s hard for me to know what to wear. And even if I know exactly the look I want, I hardly have this stuff lying around. Actually, the funniest thing about what I’m wearing (to me) is my shoes…they are, for all intents and purposes, capezios (sp?). Remember when we all wore these damned things?

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Are They Really “Opening” at This Point?

I was just on looking at the hourly forecast for tomorrow, and I feel pretty confident that the postponed “opening ceremony” for Little League will again be cancelled. By next Saturday, which I assume would be the new date, we’ll have been playing games for 2 weeks. Is it really an opening ceremony at that point?

Maybe because we didn’t go last year (I don’t think T-Ball is included) I don’t know what the big deal is. Well, I guess all the kids from each team get introduced and walk across the field. That’s cool for the majors and minors, but heck, instructional league doesn’t even get their team names put on the North Leominster Little League official website. So we’ll have to sit there while 10 to 15 kids from each team (I believe in total there are 16 or so teams) get introduced. It’ll be like watching a graduation ceremony, but maybe without the boring speeches from 18 year olds telling each other “we are the future, and we will go out and make a difference!” Ya, okay, that’s cool, but can you leave pickles off the tuna sub, Brittany?