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The Rain Falls Mainly on the Drain

Man alive, Noah would be having a good time right now. Lots and lots of rain. It’s positively floody out there. I spent 20 minutes this morning trying to find and then uncover our backyard drain. I have to do this every year, but normally I don’t have to do it in a downpour. Normally I do it when it’s relatively dry, but I’m thinking the water isn’t even going to go down much because the sewers are already completely flooded and the ground saturated.

I guess I’ll find out when I get home how it worked, but this morning I looked out the window and had an “uh oh” moment when I realized there was probably more water out there than I’d seen in the almost 11 years we’ve been in the house, and I probably shouldn’t wait to try to unplug. I estimate that it was at least 10-12 inches deep on top of the drain, which I eventually found. The problem I was having was that the water was so deep that it covered more ground and threw off where I thought it was…it was actually about a foot further back than I estimated. Plus I was trying not to fall in or get mud all over my work clothes. Let’s just say it’s not how I wanted to spend my morning and leave it at that, ‘kay?