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Still Alive

The dust didn’t get me last night, you’ll be happy to hear. Neither did the four inches of snow that greeted us this morning. Heads-up, I am now about to start screaming about how bad a job the weather forecasters have done this winter, from not bothering to mention upcoming storms, to totally blowing amounts time after time after time. I’d cut them more slack but I don’t recall them ever being this far off on EVERY snowstorm. Plus this one started a good 5 hours after they said it would. Sheesh.

As of yesterday afternoon, we were told to expect a foot or more of snow on one channel, and two inches on another. I don’t know about you, but in terms of what that does to your need to shovel and your commute, the difference between two and twelve is enormous. Nobody knows what source we should be listening to anymore because they all contradict each other, so when a co-worker checked the weather yesterday at about 3pm, she got the info from two local TV station websites, and two other websites (I think Yahoo was one) and we all got to decide which sounded the most accurate. Or average them all, which is what I did.

Time after time this winter, we were either shocked at how much more we got than what they predicted, or shook our heads at how much less their was. The storm with 20 inches of snow was, as early as a day and a half earlier, supposed to be a dusting. HELLO?

I don’t know if they all changed computer systems for modeling or what, but if they can’t be accurate, we’re going to need a different way of predicting storms. Go back to the old systems or whatever it was you used to use. They used to be able to predict them more than a day in advance, and actually get the amounts right.