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Cable Guy

Amy over at Living Reflections talked about her recent experience with the sales people at BestBuy (motto: “We will hound you until you break”). She tried to sneak in and buy something without making eye contact with a sales person because they are the retail equivelant of someone trying to sell you a vacation time share. The guy ran up to her at the register with ink and cables! Can you imagine?

Look, I sold PCs retain wayyyyyy back when they first came out. This was back in 87. We had to sell cables with every printer because nobody had cables because nobody had a computer back then. Can I tell you how many extra USB, Serial and Printer cables I have lying around my house? And I was the last person to try to oversell someone, which is why I probably only made 14k that first year. But I knew there weren’t people out in the world badmouthing me for selling them something they didn’t need. You don’t need a 24 pin dot matrix when this IBM 9 pin will do.

Anyway, go check out her rant. I told her that if the printer came with cartridges (and not just the sample ones that print 10 pages) but the guy told her that because he wanted to sell her ink, she should contact the AG because that’s illegal. And that, dear people, is why you should steer clear of BestBuy.