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Bus Driver Vent

Oh man, I am not happy with Junior’s bus driver this morning. I will spare you all the details, but let’s just say that she was running a few minutes earlier than usual and as we were halfway down the driveway, she drove past us. I screamed at him to run, and we took off up the street, where she was stopping to pick up this other little girl. I screamed “Hold the bus!” to this little girl, who was staring at us, and as we neared the back of the bus, with me staring into the side rear-view mirror, the bus driver drove away from us. Now at least a dozen kids on the bus saw us running, either down the driveway (as I waved my arms) or as we trailed the bus. Did none of them say anything? Or did the she-devil bus driver ignore them all? My co-worker is of the opinion that she DID see us running in the mirror and chose to ignore us. (I ran far to the side to try to be in her view). Or else she doesn’t use her mirrors which is a bigger problem, as far as I’m concerned. What if my son had run ahead of me and was standing right next to the bus when she turned? She could have hit him.

I’m pissed. I’ll say it. I’ll take some of the blame for not being at our stop on time, but I will NOT take the blame for her not seeing us running up the street. I’m a fat woman in a bright red coat, for God’s sake. A blind person would have seen me coming.

So lets get your votes, shall we? Did she ignore us on purpose or not?