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Blue Review

Of all the Blue things in my life, Blue Man Group is right up there on the list. We had a GREAT night on Friday, and the kids were all thrilled.

Now I’m not a formal reviewer, and I don’t know them well enough to even comment on that particular show, but I laughed through the whole thing, thought it was a great performance (with no flaws that I could see). Having one of the Blue Men stand next to me shining a flashlight in my face and then having one climb on the back of Junior’s chair didn’t hurt one bit.

We have a DirecTV freeview of The Complex stored on the TiVo from last year, and we have watched it a LOT of times. We bought the soundtrack and have worn the sucker out. All the kids love it. So if they had just played music the whole time, I would have been thrilled. I told Mr. Dump if you want to create the absolute perfect show for me, it will be equal parts drumming and tap dancing. Riverstomp. Luckily, the non-musical parts of the show are captivating, and family-friendly. (Junior was thrilled to find the Blue Men waiting at the bottom of the stairs as we left, because “he touched my ear!”)

Talking about it at a dinner party on Saturday (with my BIL, who had the pleasure of being the guy chosen to be the human paintbrush/guy with head in gelatin a few years ago) I guess much of what we saw was “old” stuff, even though the radio commercials for the show said it was new. Well, it was new to me, but if you’ve seen them before, it sounds like you shouldn’t expect all new stuff. I’d say what’s the same, but that would spoil it for folks who’ve never been.

Anyway, I’d go again in a minute. Loved it. (And Mr. Dump got a great parking space so bang-zoom, we were on our way and home by 10pm. Not bad.)