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Actually, It’s Still the Middle of Winter Here

I ordered a mess of kites from the website a few weeks back, and got them about a week ago, but obviously haven’t been able to do anything with them yet, what with all the snow and below freezing temperatures. And aside from my personal comfort, I have the nagging suspicion that kites do better in warm air than cold air. (I am not a scientist. Do not mock me if I’m completely wrong about this.)

I got a follow-up email from them yesterday saying something like “By now, you’ve probably had a chance to try out your kite, and we’d love to hear your feedback.”

Sure, throw it in my face that I haven’t been able to use my new sleddy sled kite, ya boogerheads. At this rate, I figure by April we may have a frostbite free day or two to give one a spin.