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7694 to Go

Okay, my first full day with my new pedometer, and I’ve hit 2306 by noon. That’s good and bad. Good because at least it’s not 200. Bad because I have to do that three more times to hit the “10000 a day” you’re supposed to do for heart health and weight loss.

Now I know that I could take the long way around the building to stuff, and go out for an extra walk and easily hit 10k, but I’m trying to see what a “normal ” day is for me. As in, how many extra steps on top of my normal hike to the building from the parking lot, and hike from my desk to the cafeteria will I need to add to my day. I told someone I guessed I would get somewhere between 6000 and 7000 without any extra work. Now that it’s noon and I see my current total, I may have to downgrade that to 5000 because I’ve already done two of my three trips to the cafeteria for the day. And round trip that’s 500 or so steps. Add the steps back to the car (400, I think?) and either I have to make many many many trips to the printer and the bathroom this afternoon, or I’m going to have an embarrassingly low total.

Let’s see, there was something else I was going to mention. Crap, what was it? I’m sure it was something good so that Adam would put me back on the home page of Universal Hub. Ever since he canned Boston-Common I haven’t made his home page once. I need to go out and get a news story about Charlestown, apparently.