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Month: March, 2005

Anyone Need Any Sand?

Now that the snow has officially vamoosed from the front yard [the spell checker should love that one. -J] it appears that 800 pounds of sand have been deposited on our lawn. Ick.

So, faithful dump readers, what have you found to be the best way to remove sand from the grass:

  • Broom
  • plastic rake
  • metal rake
  • one of those leaf vacuumy things (which I don’t own, so I hope this isn’t the solution)
  • something entirely different

Wow, How Do They Do That?

According to the Fitchburg Sentinel, “Water poured out of a manhole cover near the intersection of Bemis Road and Benson Street in Fitchburg.”

Okay, but there’s a small problem with that. Bemis Road doesn’t intersect with Benson Street. They are parallel to one another, and about 1/2 to a mile apart. So someone’s going to have to draw me a picture to explain how they have an “intersection”. (Are the local reporters not from around here any more?)


Disney Addict

I realize I was just there in October, but I’m already starting to feel that itch to go back to Disney again. Is there something physiologically wrong with me? Probably not, as there are a LOT of people out there who feel the same way. My sister lacks this kind of wiring, as does her husband. But her kids (being kids) are leaning more my way, and miracle of miracles, my mom actually wants to go back.

So here I sit, thinking I should figure out when we can go back. The only bad thing is that now that we’ve gone down as a large group (9 of us) I don’t know if I want to go back without everyone. That means I’d have to convince my sister that it’s time to plan another trip, and I don’t know if I want to undertake that effort.

I do believe going back we’d be able to be more low-key than the last time (which is probably just wishful thinking) because everyone has officially been, and been through almost everything on the “should see” list so you could pick and choose.

Anyway, it’s going to be 60 today so maybe just going out for a walk at lunchtime will help me shake the longing. But I doubt it.


The Rain Falls Mainly on the Drain

Man alive, Noah would be having a good time right now. Lots and lots of rain. It’s positively floody out there. I spent 20 minutes this morning trying to find and then uncover our backyard drain. I have to do this every year, but normally I don’t have to do it in a downpour. Normally I do it when it’s relatively dry, but I’m thinking the water isn’t even going to go down much because the sewers are already completely flooded and the ground saturated.

I guess I’ll find out when I get home how it worked, but this morning I looked out the window and had an “uh oh” moment when I realized there was probably more water out there than I’d seen in the almost 11 years we’ve been in the house, and I probably shouldn’t wait to try to unplug. I estimate that it was at least 10-12 inches deep on top of the drain, which I eventually found. The problem I was having was that the water was so deep that it covered more ground and threw off where I thought it was…it was actually about a foot further back than I estimated. Plus I was trying not to fall in or get mud all over my work clothes. Let’s just say it’s not how I wanted to spend my morning and leave it at that, ‘kay?


Cable Guy

Amy over at Living Reflections talked about her recent experience with the sales people at BestBuy (motto: “We will hound you until you break”). She tried to sneak in and buy something without making eye contact with a sales person because they are the retail equivelant of someone trying to sell you a vacation time share. The guy ran up to her at the register with ink and cables! Can you imagine?

Look, I sold PCs retain wayyyyyy back when they first came out. This was back in 87. We had to sell cables with every printer because nobody had cables because nobody had a computer back then. Can I tell you how many extra USB, Serial and Printer cables I have lying around my house? And I was the last person to try to oversell someone, which is why I probably only made 14k that first year. But I knew there weren’t people out in the world badmouthing me for selling them something they didn’t need. You don’t need a 24 pin dot matrix when this IBM 9 pin will do.

Anyway, go check out her rant. I told her that if the printer came with cartridges (and not just the sample ones that print 10 pages) but the guy told her that because he wanted to sell her ink, she should contact the AG because that’s illegal. And that, dear people, is why you should steer clear of BestBuy.


Hoppy Easter!

GOSH, is there anything like a bad holiday pun? I thought not.

Crappy day for kites, which stinks because that’s what I gave each of the kids and it would have been nice to get them up so high that the police arrested us for interfering with local flight patterns. I would have been happy to get mine up more than 15 feet or so, but it was not to be. By the time the wind was picking up a little, it was getting darker and colder. I was so DONE with being outside. 3 hours or so is about my limit when the temp is only 50 or so.

This weekend went by fast. I’d like a do-over. Thanks.


Easter Eve

Junior loves Easter – he says it’s his favorite holiday. But he loves it for non-religious reasons: he loves hunting for eggs. And it isn’t like he’s a candy fiend, we still have Halloween candy around here somewhere. For years the Easter Bunny could only bring non-candy stuff to our house. No hollow white chocolate rabbits for us, which is just heartbreaking. How can anyone not like a hollow rabbit with the little tiny sugar eyes?

Well, since receiving an M&M dispenser from my step-kids for Christmas, he now loves M&Ms, so for the first time, the Easter Bunny can probably drop off some chocolate.

This is a good thing.


I Can’t Feel My Feet

I learned something today. I learned that just because the package says “Adult Large” on it, doesn’t mean that my arms and legs will fit in it. I’m talking about the knee and elbow pads I bought so I could go rollerblading with Junior. They do not fit. I don’t think they’ll fit Mr. Dump either, but I’m okay with it if they do fit him. I’m not okay with them not fitting me. I decided to jam them on anyway, and put up with the pain of them completely cutting off my circulation for about 15 minutes before I couldn’t stand it any more. So now I can’t go back blading until I find “Person of Size” Size. Or something. I looked at my legs, and ya, they aren’t thin, but I’ve seen muscular people with big calves too, so what do they have to buy?

Also, the skates stink. I was going to say that maybe it was me, but you know what? I think that maybe there is some connection between the skates only costing $19, and the fact that they don’t really roll so much. I think that’s something I want on a rollerblade. Rolling action.


Just Like In a Real Office!

Junior is at work with me for a few (he was with my parents because today was a professional development day for the teachers) and he was playing with my Cubes with some new monster thingies Grandma bought him.

Actually, this is what it kind of feels like in a real office:


Still Alive

The dust didn’t get me last night, you’ll be happy to hear. Neither did the four inches of snow that greeted us this morning. Heads-up, I am now about to start screaming about how bad a job the weather forecasters have done this winter, from not bothering to mention upcoming storms, to totally blowing amounts time after time after time. I’d cut them more slack but I don’t recall them ever being this far off on EVERY snowstorm. Plus this one started a good 5 hours after they said it would. Sheesh.

As of yesterday afternoon, we were told to expect a foot or more of snow on one channel, and two inches on another. I don’t know about you, but in terms of what that does to your need to shovel and your commute, the difference between two and twelve is enormous. Nobody knows what source we should be listening to anymore because they all contradict each other, so when a co-worker checked the weather yesterday at about 3pm, she got the info from two local TV station websites, and two other websites (I think Yahoo was one) and we all got to decide which sounded the most accurate. Or average them all, which is what I did.

Time after time this winter, we were either shocked at how much more we got than what they predicted, or shook our heads at how much less their was. The storm with 20 inches of snow was, as early as a day and a half earlier, supposed to be a dusting. HELLO?

I don’t know if they all changed computer systems for modeling or what, but if they can’t be accurate, we’re going to need a different way of predicting storms. Go back to the old systems or whatever it was you used to use. They used to be able to predict them more than a day in advance, and actually get the amounts right.