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Stupid Human Tricks – Blowing Your Nose Division

Somehow I pulled something in my back when I was blowing my nose this morning. Is this even possible? I mean seriously, I blew my nose (standing upright, no fancy twisty movements) and as I did I felt the tell-tale *ping* of something going wrong. And then I moved and it hurt. And it continues to hurt, although because I alternated between trying to stretch it away and favoring it, the stiffness feels like it’s moving into my neck. And then there’s the headache that might be from a combination of hunger and lack of caffeine. This is just so fantastic.

The belly is MUCH better today, although there are twinges to remind me of what it felt like yesterday. Going into the cafeteria increased the twinges at the thought of eating anything they offered. I went for something fairly plain – roast beef on white, just because I don’t trust their turkey right now.

I will say that my heating pad (the kind you warm in the microwave) saved my life last night. It was the only thing to calm down my stomach enough to let me fall asleep. I brought it to work with me today but haven’t had to use it (knock wood) which is good because I was in meetings most of the morning, and I don’t like calling attention to myself like that.

So, is that enough about me and my stupid health for one day? Why yes, I believe it is!