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shopping list

[I wrote this post on Sunday and just realized I hit “Save as Draft” instead of “Publish Post”. So I’ll just tweak it a bit and post it as a new post for today. Try to pretend you read this four days ago.]

Okay, I don’t shop at Walmart. I just don’t like Walmart that much. No offense to people who like shopping there. Really. But we went there because there was a rumor floating around town that they had ski/snow pants available. And we needed a pair or two, you see.

We ended up with a really random assortment of stuff. At least I thought so.

– 1 pair of men’s ski pants
– 1 small white sweatshirt (junior size)
– 3 bras
– 1 tube of Icey Hot (tm or r or whatever…I’ll look it up tomorrow)
– 8-pack of purse-sized tissue packs
– 1 cd of Galactic hits (you know, from sci-fi movies)

I can’t remember if there was anything else…but really, what is possibly missing?

I haven’t opened the CD yet. It was in the HUGE collection of $2.97 CDs. I mean, hundreds. We pawed through them – lots of stuff that had potential until you saw they were “performed by the Lobotomy Singers” or whoever. I want the original stars, thanks. I always look because for three bucks, you might find something you can give as a Secret Satan, er, Santa gift, or something that you can use as a soundtrack when editing video. You just always have to be ready in case your home movies involve a rocket launch.