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Month: February, 2005

I’m Here

No really, I didn’t forget you. Just got busy away from the ‘puter.

Plus, like junior high, isn’t it better to play hard-to-get?

More tomorrow, promise!


Published Poet – Whoa

I need to look through the archives to see if I ever mentioned that I used my 2004 Magnetic Poetry Calendar to write a poem and submit it to the Magnetic Poetry website. [update: Yes, I did.] You tell them what kit you used (there are like 20 or more now) and if they deem it suitable, they put it up on their web site in their “anthology.” Mine is still available up there.

I got an email over the weekend saying that they want to use my poem [such that it is] in their 2006 Magnetic Poetry Calendar. I kid you not. So I sent them my info, and anxiously await next fall when the 2006 calendars start hitting the market. I think it’s a pretty safe bet on what everyone will be getting for Christmas next year.

Oh, and for the record, once 2004 was over, I ripped off all the Calendar pages (the ones with other people’s poems on them) and kept the magnetic board part. My poem is still on it, so I took a picture with my camera.


Wise words

Me: How do you know it’s the same guy? Maybe it’s his evil twin?
Junior: Hey, not everyone has an evil twin…


Universal Hubbing

Hey gang, Adam set up a page to grab all the blog entries on Tedy Bruschi’s stroke status. I guess he did this because I was shocked that there were so few Boston Bloggers talking on the subject. For the record, I made my request over at his new Universal Hub site, where everyone who registers gets space for a [Massachusetts/Bostony] blog. Mine, which I won’t be using too much because I have this place, is at

Don’t worry, I won’t be talking about all of you behind your back over there. Then again, if for some reason this site is completely down, you may want to look over there to see if I’ve explained why…


I Hope It’s Not a Bad Thing

Sounds like a silly title, but I’m just thinking that maybe Tedy Bruschi’s small stroke was so small that it doesn’t even count as one, and that it won’t sideline him or end his career – although one has to think that if you are a 31 year old father who has a small stroke, you might consider moving to a less head-trauma-y field.

I am guessing his wife will be all over his butt for him to retire now, and I can’t say I blame her one bit. Even if they come back and say that this had nothing at all to do with what the man does for a living, is there anyone out there on the planet who doesn’t think that having a job that requires you to pound and be pounded might cause a head injury of this type? I thought so.

So Tedy, we’re all out here rooting for you, sending you health vibes, etc. And know that while it will be devastating to us, we totally understand that you’re going to have to do what makes the most sense to you and your family, even if that means retiring.


Civic Duty

And I don’t mean pooping in a Honda. That would be doody.

Mr. Dump is part of the Jury pool in Worcester today. All hail the judicial system! He obviously doesn’t want to get picked for anything that last longer than 3 hours. I wonder about the people who get on these several months-long trials – what are their lives like that they can just be available for jury for that long? I know if I was on trial, I couldn’t get a jury of my “peers” if the pool was all people who didn’t have to be at work all day every day.

Speaking of which, Mr. Dump and I were disagreeing over whether or not he could wear jeans. I said no. I also pointed out that your appearance drops you into a certain category of person – would you want the lawyers choosing to make a snap judgment about you based on the fact that you dressed down?

I could be way off, of course. I’ve never actually been on a jury. Just near one.


Stupid Human Tricks – Blowing Your Nose Division

Somehow I pulled something in my back when I was blowing my nose this morning. Is this even possible? I mean seriously, I blew my nose (standing upright, no fancy twisty movements) and as I did I felt the tell-tale *ping* of something going wrong. And then I moved and it hurt. And it continues to hurt, although because I alternated between trying to stretch it away and favoring it, the stiffness feels like it’s moving into my neck. And then there’s the headache that might be from a combination of hunger and lack of caffeine. This is just so fantastic.

The belly is MUCH better today, although there are twinges to remind me of what it felt like yesterday. Going into the cafeteria increased the twinges at the thought of eating anything they offered. I went for something fairly plain – roast beef on white, just because I don’t trust their turkey right now.

I will say that my heating pad (the kind you warm in the microwave) saved my life last night. It was the only thing to calm down my stomach enough to let me fall asleep. I brought it to work with me today but haven’t had to use it (knock wood) which is good because I was in meetings most of the morning, and I don’t like calling attention to myself like that.

So, is that enough about me and my stupid health for one day? Why yes, I believe it is!


Ouchy Boo Boo Tummy

I think I got food poisoned yesterday. I’m going to say it was from lunch, because I started to not feel very well before I even ate dinner. It only got worse from there.

I stayed home sick today, which is saying something, because I don’t get sick days. I just couldn’t see driving all the way in to work the way I feel.

So now you can all feel bad for me, and send me FTD “Gee, we’re sorry you have shooting stomach pains and intestinal distress” bouquets. It comes in a toilet-shaped vase.


First Grade Valentine Fun

Okay, don’t read this if you’re at work and you aren’t supposed to be doing anything that involves laughing. Mr. Crunchy grabs Valentine’s Day in public schools and gives it a good kick in the pants. I don’t want to spoil the funny, but the 2nd to the last sentence of the first paragraph made me snort in a terribly unladylike manner. Oopsie!

Junior saw filling out the Valentines for his classmates as a huge, oppressive chore. And a note to the people who made them: Please, for the love of all that is red and heart-shaped, if you are going to include a “to” and “from” space, make it long enough for a first grader to write in a name with more than three letters in it. Sheesh. Who do they think are filling these things out? Junior had to ignore the tiny spaces (his name wouldn’t fit in the from space) and just wrote everything on the back. In pencil. I guess the kids can feel free to erase and re-card next year.

I hope he gets some of those Nerds Valentines. I somehow developed a near-addiction to Wonka Nerds sometime last year. I am looking forward to seeing what he got, but I fear lollipops and candy conversation hearts.


And Another Thing

Where have all the regulars gone? I’m starting to get a little nervous that I haven’t seen/heard from many of you in the past week or so. Did you guys charter a bus to head out to LA for the Awards Season?