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It’s Tuesday here in Jodyland. I remind myself of that because I don’t want to have one of those screw-ups where I think the week is further along than it is. I hate that.

In Jodyland today, we are happy to combine Mardi Gras with the Pat’s parade. I will be celebrating neither from my little cubicle world, but I am aware that these things are going on around me. I have not seen anyone drinking hurricanes or passing out beads around the office, but it’s still early.

We are also keeping our eye on the ratzen fratzen weather reports that say we may get another 6-12 on Thursday. I have no idea what that’s going to do to the spaghetti supper at school Thursday night. I assume there will be some kind of note going home with all the kids telling us what will happen in case of a big storm. At least they started talking about this one a few days ahead of time, so people can get mentally and physically prepared. Me? I’ve got an unopened container of onion dip and a bag of chips, so I’ll get through any storm just fine.