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I’m Not Ignoring You

I meant to write yesterday. And today. Really, I did. But I was so busy living life away from my computer that it just seemed a shame to say “no, I’m sorry, we must go home so I can bask in the rays of my laptop screen.

On the other hand, after standing outside on the snow at Nashoba Valley watching Junior’s 2nd ski lesson and then his practice after, I would have paid cash money if HE had said “let’s go home so you can warm up, mom!”

He didn’t.

We did learn at exactly what point the three kids implode. Now remember, they have a 1/2 hour swim lesson in the morning (and they do work at it, especially the boys who have moved up to the class where they do things like tread water for 5 minutes. No, really, think about it. Let’s say they fall off a boat – wouldn’t you want them to be able to do this until the boat can circle around? I would.) There’s just enough time to come home, relax a little bit, shovel down some lunch, and then head over to the mountain. There we have to get all the rental gear, and then off to class. Class lasts an hour, and then their lesson pass is like an afternoon lift ticket. They can stay and ski until like six o’clock.

They do not, however, last until six o’clock. At around four o’clock, when we finally dragged them away from the magic carpet, tow line and chair lift (son, niece and nephew, in that order) they all sort of melted down right then and there. Nobody wanted to walk in the boots any more because they hurt, and my nephew was in tears because he was so hungry. So now we know to wrap things up by 3:30. Hell, that’s 2.5 hours of skiing for kids who are only 7, 6 and 4. And they don’t take a break to do ANYTHING in that time.