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Google Likes Me, I Think

Husband-person, who happens to be a muckity-muck web guy in the land of retail web sites, informed me last night that Google had instituted a new algorithm in their search engine (“And then, we wave a chicken head over the database…”) and some sites have seen traffic drop off significantly.

Sometimes I actually worry about stuff like this, because if my traffic drops off any more I will actually have negative traffic (what would that be…forcing people off the site?). My quest for world domination would grind to a halt and then where would we be? If I can’t make it as a big famous blogger, what hope is there for the next 40 years of my life?

But I digress. So I looked at my hits, and I think I’m actually benefiting a little bit. My numbers appear to be up from what I expect – given that I didn’t post/ping Blogrolling until late, I normally have lower hits because people who use Blogrolling as an indicator wouldn’t visit. I got 40 or 50 more hits that I would have expected yesterday, which is like 1/3 extra traffic.

I pulled up the Google page and did a search for “Dump Truck” (with a space) and I appear to have moved up to the number 2 position. Number two. In all of Googledom. So ya, that’s an improvement, I’d say. I should probably start selling stuff here. I mean, there’s gotta be some way for me to parlay a #2 spot into some cash, wouldn’t you think?