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Civic Duty

And I don’t mean pooping in a Honda. That would be doody.

Mr. Dump is part of the Jury pool in Worcester today. All hail the judicial system! He obviously doesn’t want to get picked for anything that last longer than 3 hours. I wonder about the people who get on these several months-long trials – what are their lives like that they can just be available for jury for that long? I know if I was on trial, I couldn’t get a jury of my “peers” if the pool was all people who didn’t have to be at work all day every day.

Speaking of which, Mr. Dump and I were disagreeing over whether or not he could wear jeans. I said no. I also pointed out that your appearance drops you into a certain category of person – would you want the lawyers choosing to make a snap judgment about you based on the fact that you dressed down?

I could be way off, of course. I’ve never actually been on a jury. Just near one.