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I’ve been in a good mood for two whole days now! Can you imagine? Me! A good mood! See what a successful birthday party will do for you? Gosh, I should go into party planning, don’t you think? Except I don’t want to have to deal with all the little teeny details. So I want to be the high-level planner. Come up with the theme, other ideas like that. That probably isn’t enough to hang up a shingle for, but hey, feel free to ask me to help you come up with a party idea.

Here’s a freebie for a summer party: arrange ahead of time to have an ice cream truck stop at the party, let everyone get something free from the truck. Sort of like an open bar. I mean, who doesn’t love an ice cream man?

Hang on, I forgot to change my calendar to February.

Okay, thanks.

Where was I? Oh, right. Being in a good mood. I’m hoping I can get that strung out until at least the weekend. We’ll see.