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The Lost Post

I tried to email to blogger last night and this disappeared, so I copied it from my outbox.

I am a very VERY unhappy girl right now. How on earth it happened, I don’t know, but at some point today my SideKick got two scratches on the face that are actually so annoying and distracting that I’m going to have to figure out if the faceplate can be fixed or replaced. They distort some of the pixels and it’s too annoying to ignore. I know they weren’t there at swimming, so it happened sometime after that. Obviously I shouldn’t keep it in the knife and razerblade pocket. Grrrr.

Also, why oh why oh why was this snowstorm so hard to predict. I mean, we’re in the middle of getting 2 FEET of snow. Was it really that hard to see coming? As of yesterday morning the weather sites were STILL only predicting 4 inches of snow. I wish I’d done a screen shot of the report. Two days ago it was “snow possible”. POSSIBLE? 16 to 25 inches of snow, people. That’s not “possible”. What good are the weather reporters who are too afraid to say something like “we think that maybe there will be a n’oreaster this weekend, but amounts depend on the storm track. Nobody went out to get prepared yesterday because the weather reports weren’t talking about it until last night!

So ya, I’m mad. Just what exactly has happened to the local meteorologists that they have been so far off and unreliable this year? I mean seriously just missing the boat on stuff. I am almost to the point where I don’t believe ANYTHING they say.