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The Bright Side

The city of Leominster used there little sidewalk plow-y thing and getting out of my street this morning was a breeze. I could totally see oncoming traffic so I didn’t feel I was taking my life in my hands. I don’t remember them doing that last year, but maybe we didn’t have such scary mounds of snow. So big dumps up to the plowmasters.

My new age hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m sure it will.

Thank God I talk about myself on my website or certain family members who shall remain nameless would never have remembered to call me today. Ahem. Not that I would have held a grudge, but there certainly would have been a really great dump entry about it.

Loot: Sidetable from Pier One, Arrested Development Season One, and, to feed my inner child, the DVD boxed set of Liddsville. Now all they have to do is release the Bugaloos on DVD and I’ll be a happy little kid.