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Sand Between My Toes

Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s because last year by March all the good houses were rented out already, but for the past two days I’ve spent lunchtime browsing rental sites for beach houses and emailing the links to my sister. I found the perfect house – anybody out there want to give me $6000 so I can rent it for a week? Really, I’ll send you pictures of my smiling face!

Man oh man, it’s hard to find exactly what we’re looking for within our price range, and that’s considering two families splitting the cost! Is it too much to ask for something within spitting distance of a sandy beach where the kids can swim? Huh, is it? “Waterview” is misleading if the kids can’t go in and swim. I know for some folks, the view is all that matters – but we’ve got three kids who would NOT be happy to just stare at it from the deck.