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One Week Left!

Oh goodness, only one week left of being a swinging chick “in my 30s”. Crap. What were the things I needed to do by now?

  • Write a book. Okay, well, I’ve got enough material here and there for like three books. I guess the next step is for a publisher to hand over a check, no? Stupid me, the only time I kind of sort of had an editor from a real publisher sniffing around, I didn’t want to write the book she was interested in seeing. Well, part of the problem was that while the concept was funny for 10 or 20 pages, it would be tedius for 150 to 200 pages, y’know? I didn’t want to have my name on something I felt would be doomed to failure. I probably should have done it anyway. At least it would have been failure, as opposed to, well, nothing.
  • Take a cruise. Hmm. I don’t get vacation time, so that’s a problem. Plus I’d have to somehow pay for it. I think this one is going to have to go on hold.
  • Road Trip to Niagra Falls. Now why on earth haven’t I done this one. I mean, I could drive there. It’s not like it would take weeks. Sure, I didn’t want to spend that much time in the car with a baby or toddler, but Junior is older now. Oh, wait, he can’t even handle the 20 minute drive to my sister’s house without asking how much longer it will be. Maybe if we can also take my step-kids so the three of them can pass the time by fighting with each other, we could get this one done this summer. Granted, I didn’t do it before 40, but it’s a billion below zero out there this week, and I don’t see myself enjoying standing in the mist of the falls getting frostbite.
  • Parlay this website into a full-time job. Ha. I can’t even get more than 200 hits per day on average. Obviously, I’m doing something wrong. Maybe I’m not young and cute and I try to keep things “family-friendly.”
  • Write a regular column for a newspaper or magazine. Well, nobody’s knocking down that door either.
  • Get back down to what I weighed in college. Let’s see, 7 days, how many pounds a day is that? Um. Next.

Well, those are the big ticket items, for the most part. There were a couple of items that might have gone on if they weren’t repeats, as in, “I want to go BACK to ____”. I figure I’ve visited those places at least once, which many people cannot even claim.

Looks like most of my items are writing related. I guess I have nobody to blame but myself for the lack of action on those.