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Me? A Thong?

Did you ever find something in your underwear drawer that you don’t remember buying, or receiving as a gift? Probably not, right? Unless you are known for getting stinking drunk and then hitting the JC Penny white sale, you are pretty familiar with your underwear.

I found a thong in my underwear drawer. Granted, it’s way in the back, and is a size smaller than I usually wear, but I don’t remember buying a thong, because I have no interest in wearing one. The Amazing Bob, my BIL, told me (while I was thumbing through a Victoria’s Secret catelog) that no butt looks bad in a thong.

I’m not going to take a picture to get your take on this one, but I think I heard it yelling “Help! Help! Get me out of here!”

So back in the drawer it went. And we shall not speak of it again.