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Maybe It’s True

You know, I always laughed when I heard about people hitting “mid life” and making these abrupt changes, citing that life was too short to keep on the same path.

Except for the past few days I’ve become obsessed with a complete career change that would involve me opening my own store. I mean, that’s not a small decision, and it may or may not happen, but still, when you find yourself mentally sketching out a business plan, that has to mean something? It also seems pretty daunting to me, so maybe that’s why some people are cut out for owning a store and some aren’t? But all these people who open stores…they didn’t have to start with tons of cash, did they? Renting retail space is just that, renting. You don’t have to buy a building, right? So then the big investments are in storage/hardware, a cash register, and buying inventory, right?

Is it because I turn 40 in a couple of weeks? Maybe. Am I too big of a wuss to make this kind of leap? Most probably. Which stinks. Too bad I’m not in a position where I have nothing to lose, you know?