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I’m a Goofy Goober!

So party details…

What started out as us looking to plan a small party for Junior’s 7th birthday ended with us renting out an entire movie theater for a private showing of Spongebob for 80 or so of our friends, family, classmates, etc. Hell, even my accountant was there! (Okay, so he happens to be married to a friend of mine…still…) This was justified by realizing it could be a party for Junior (Jan 6), my step-daughter (Jan 20) me (Jan 27), my step-son (Feb 4) and Mr. Dump (Feb 6).

If I do say so myself, it was a rousing success. We invited whole families, even those from his class. I didn’t want to be responsible for watching anyone’s kid, so when I got an RSVP call, I just said “And who will be coming with [name]?” All siblings were invited too. We provided popcorn and soda for each kid, too. People actually had a hard time comprehending that we were inviting their whole family to the movies, giving them popcorn, and that we had requested no gifts. Really, what’s the catch? Are we selling timeshares?

Nope, we just wanted a big crowd. There were 41 kids in all. We ended up plowing through 1.5 sheet cakes (anyone want leftovers?). For the record, the chocolate cake was almost completely gone. I highly recommend getting your cakes at Joyce’s in Leominster, next to the Bagel Inn. And get the sugar frosting, not the butter cream. Trust me.

I had SO much fun that I immediately told Mr. Dump we have to do this every year. Next year would be the 1st anniversary of my 40th birthday, etc. Of course, I can’t guarantee having a cool movie like Spongebob being available, but I have a feeling once the parents realized they could buy beer and wine to go with that grilled chicken and pesto sandwich, they don’t care what movie is playing. (For the record, I went for the deep fried ravioli and a 24oz Bud Light. Now that is movie food, my friends.)

[I took a couple of pictures, but it’s wayyyy too dark in a movie theater, even before the show starts. I’m going to play with Paint Shop Pro to see if I can lighten them up enough to post them.]