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Before and After

I was going to put a photo of baby Junior up next to Current Junior but I realized that I’d have to scan in a baby picture (I think) and man, do I really want to track down the scanner right now, hook it up, and all that stuff, just to put something cute up here?

What, you think you’re worth that?


The other day I realized how much more open I am with him than my parents ever were with me. I don’t think that’s bad, by the way. It also helps to have a younger female cousin, to hear words like “gina” (long i). I have this amazing bit of tape from Orlando where he and my niece were sitting in a double stroller talking, and I put the camera down to there level so I was recording without them noticing, and I got the following conversation:

Her: Bagina

Him: Lasagna?


Anyway, I was doing that “Oh, seven years ago this week we went to the Doctor on the 5th and he said “come back at 5pm and I’ll get you started (he broke my water – I was due on the 7th and walking around 5cm dilated, so I was pretty ready). At this point, Junior starts to ask a question and I realize I’ve opened the “where do babies come from” Pandora’s box, but actually, I have no problem explaining it to him, up to a point. Except his question was “How does the baby get out of your mouth?”

Uh oh. I can’t have him thinking that, so long story short, he knows that girls have a special place that boys don’t, that babies come out of. Remind me to not take THAT subject up again without preparing charts and graphs, ‘kay?

Let’s see, in weather news, yes, it’s gross out. It snowed for 12 hours, and now the freezing rain is starting. I never know how to deal with this kind of storm. Is it better to get the snow all up before the freezing rain starts, or is it better to have the freezing rain have a layer of snow under it? Well, I did the whole driveway once, but since then, at least another 2 inches of snow fell and I was going to go take care of that after lunch, but now that the rain has started, I don’t know if I should. Thoughts?

Welcome new local reader Cherie, who gets the Reader of the Week award for telling me it’s going to get up to the fifties next week. See people, that’s all you need to do – tell me good news like that. Or send me gifts. Or cash. It’s all so simple.