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“A Few Stray Flakes”

Weatherdudes at CBS 4: This is how you define “A Few Stray Flakes?” Cripes, it’s been snowing steadily here since I left the house an hour and a half ago. I *literally* checked the weather right before I left the house, because I thought a flake had fallen on me when I was waiting at the bus stop with Junior. The other two moms said “No, it probably wasn’t snow, it isn’t supposed to snow today” even when I showed them the offending flake, still stuck to my coat.

So I’m driving to work in flurries bordering on white out conditions, and the recorded weather report says a few stray flakes. Even the DJs had the courtesy to be embarrassed. I’d demand a refund, if I were them. If you can’t get it right an hour ahead, we should trust your four-day forecast?

I know, I know, stop blaming the weathermen. It’s not their fault. They don’t control the weather. Yabut, I shouldn’t have to listen to them being wrong while I’m driving in a snowstorm without any boots.

In other news – I told Junior that today was his last day to complete all the things he wanted to accomplish before he turned 7. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? And yet, we do that same thing when facing an “0” birthday – 30, 40, 50, etc. I personally have three weeks to accomplish all the things I wanted to do before 40. So if you don’t see much of me between now and then, you’ll know why. (p.s. Is it too late to be a teen pop sensation? Howzabout America’s Junior Miss?)