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I forgot to talk about the pen and ink set Mr. Dump gave me for Christmas. Well, I was there and picked it out a few weeks prior to Christmas and then he got it for me, so I knew I was getting it, but still….

Here is a link to picture of the set (and a link for buying it…the price listed is a little less than it was at the Higgins Armory Museum gift shop. But if you can get to Higgins, you should.)

Man, use the navigation on that page to check out the other stuff they have for sale. As a writer, I was absolutely drooling.

Oh, so getting back to the pen…it’s really a brilliant design. You dip the entire tip into the ink and the grooves actually control the flow so you can get 1/3 to 1/2 a page written before you need to re-dip. I was actually impressed. I was also very nervous having an open bottle of ink on the table with a kid around, but sometimes you have to take risks, right? So big thumbs up to the 19th century Venetians who came up with this pen style.