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Underestimating the Road Conditions

Yesterday there was a fine dusting of snow and frost on everything. I don’t even think it was a measurable amount of snow. So the general consensus was “ah, that’s nothing” and none of the roads were treated. Big mistake. You see, it was cold out…very cold. So that stuff wasn’t melting and evaporating. It was melting and freezing. Instant ice! It took Mr. Dump over THREE HOURS to drive from Leominster to Framingham. He missed his 8:30am root canal appointment because he didn’t get to Framingham until after TEN AM! I am going to be so upset if this means the appointments (I think there are three remaining) float over into 2005 and the dental insurance makes us pay the 2004 deductible AND the 2005 deductible. I would seriously pick a fight with them over that, that this is all “one” thing and should be treated as such. I’m not paying 1500 in deductibles just because the treatment requires a week between appointments.

Anyway, I only mention Mr. Dump’s commute because in my infinite wisdom, I planned to work at home yesterday. I had the furnace cleaned, saw Junior in his school play, and had a follow-up doctor appointment. I like to jam as much into a single day as possible, to get it all over with at once. I did sneak in a stop at the grocery store to pick up as much stuff as possible to get through until after Christmas – you know, the things we need every day, like juice boxes, stuff for school lunches, little bags of cotton candy. No wait, those are for Christmas presents.

Anyway, I would have lost those three hours of work and pay if I’d tried to drive in (we go the same way at different times because I have school bus duty at 7:45 and he’s already at work by then, usually) and thus not been paid for them. To hell with that! I’m not losing money because someone decided not to throw some salt down.