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The Panic Period

Okay, this is the part of the Christmas season where I start to panic that I’ve forgotten to get someone a gift. I think I’ve accounted for everyone, but you know how it is. I know I have plenty of time left to take care of this, but it still nags at me. I sent out my Holiday Evil present as part of the Secret Satan gift exchange. (You know, gifts to bring horror and laughter. One year I gave out an autographed copy of Jamie Farr’s autobiography. I have received in the past the Henry Winkler version of A Christmas Carol, and Bill and Hillary paper dolls. You get the idea.)

I can’t say what I sent this year because I know at least one person who is involved in it reads the dump, and even if she isn’t the recipient (she’ll know soon enough, eh?) I don’t want to spoil anything. Let’s just say I’m really proud of myself. This was some good evil. It’s the 25 cent Candy Bar Salad of Christmas gifts.

I ordered something from Amazon for Junior’s teacher, and I’m hoping it comes in by Thursday because I’m going to be seeing her on Friday at the holiday play so I could give it to her then instead of sending it in on the bus with Junior. Of course, stuff I ordered from Amazon on November 26 was shipped on the 28th and arrived today so hoping for a Thursday arrival of stuff I ordered yesterday, even if I didn’t go for the free shipping this time, still seems unlikely.