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The Day After

Wow, it feels weird to not have the Nano deadline staring me in the face anymore. I really love doing it – there is no way I would write that much without the pushing and prodding of trying to “win” the attempt. Now I’m kind of sad that I didn’t finish last year because it puts a hole in my record.

I have decided that I have to keep going, while the muse is still in the room. Not with the same intensity, but I am going to allow myself the long rambling “just write anything” moments to keep momentum up. I hit a point on Sunday where I really liked what I was writing. There was an actual plot. I want to expand on that before I let it fall to the wayside like the other 2 finished attempts and the half attempt from last year. I have a lot of paper covered with crappy writing, that’s for sure!

I don’t have a copy of the finished product with me, but I can tell you that the thing I was writing about when I hit 50k was something about how you don’t want your hands to smell like pudding. I’m surprised Random House hasn’t already called…