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No Letter From Us This Year

First, I wasn’t going to send out any Christmas cards this year. I barely sent any out last year, and I didn’t want to break tradition. Except we kept receiving them, and I started to realize that if you get a card from me every year for 20 years, and then two years in a row you send me a picture of your child/dog/swimming pool, and I don’t return the favor, you’re going to think that somehow you offended me and I hate you, or no, in fact, I never liked you at all.

So, after receiving the card from my sister with this cute picture of my niece and nephew, I thought “I can’t have our friends and relatives hanging them on refrigerators all over central Mass, but not hanging one of my boy!” So I bought a box of cards, which limited me to 18 people. Oh man, I used to send out twice that, but somehow, I had fallen out of touch with a couple of people and don’t even know if I have their addresses any more. I keep hoping they’ll send me a card so I’ll have the right address, but so far, I’m sure they are thinking the same thing of me. The thing these people need to know is that I lost my list of current addresses and for some people, the only ones I had were at least 3 or 4 years old. Seriously. I tore the house apart the other day. And then asked Mr. Dump to please get me an address book (nothing big and flashy) for Christmas.

So 18 people are getting cards, and if you expected one but didn’t get it, it isn’t that I don’t love and appreciate you, it’s just that I only had 18 cards and 20 photos (at 29 cents a print there) and 20 stamps. Yes, I know I can buy more of all of those things, but it’s also only about a week before Christmas.

I also didn’t get around to writing up one of those funny little letters to put in the card, so maybe I’ll write one this weekend and put it here on the site.