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More on the Mall

More locals have checked in on the SMart KSears thread about the Mall at Whitney Field. I love knowing that people from the area are reading. Of course, that means that like any celeb, I now have to completely dress up and do full makeup when I go out of the house, because I could run into any of you and the paparazzi from the Sentinel would have a field day.

So the question I have, that was raised in the comments of that post – can someone remind me of the name of the restaurant that was attached to Woolworths? I have Harvest something stuck in my head, but I know that wasn’t it. As I said in my comment, it always seemed really dark in there. Now I’m wondering if it was to kind of, well, hide the food.

On a similar subject, do any of you remember when the Victory Market at Twin City Mall (in the old location, when it was right next to Kmart) had a restaurant in the back?