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Jody, Chef to the Stars

So tonight we were invited to my best friend’s house for their annual Christmas party. One of the things they do is have everyone bring a dessert, and then they give out prizes for the best ones. Last time, I worked really hard on some almond cheesecake squares (like, even made little leaves for the top) and was trounced by all the chocolate desserts. So I told my friends I was still bitter at losing the last time I went (kidding) so I wasn’t going to bring a dessert. This week I decided to invent a desert to bring, maybe something totally disgusting and chocolate-filled. Either that or a Jell-o(tm) mold with money suspended in it instead of fruit cup, you know, to bribe the judges.

But my step-kids are here, and my step-daughter suggested I go with my first idea – a bowl full of candy bar chunks. And then maybe put Cool-Whip on top. I mean, what’s better than candy bars, right? Let’s cut to the chase here.

So we went to Brooks pharmacy to buy candy bars and they were having a sale – anything by Hershey was 4/$1.00! Woo! She and I bought a ton of candy, and decided to put Marshmallow Peep-like Snowmen on top instead of the Cool-Whip. I thought this would be an amusing entry.

So of course, there was a woman who made a chocolate eclair ring (oh my GOD!) and two different trifles, made from scratch brownies, these little brownie cups with a pudding/cream cheese topping that was amazing, etc. etc. You had to write the name of your dessert (but not your name) and put a cup next to it. All the guests were given three pennies to vote with.

Well, as we’re leaving the hosts said it was time to tally the votes – my sister and brother-in-law are still mocking me for my entry, which we called “25 Cent Candy Bar Salad”. My step-daughter deserves all the credit for calling it a salad, by the way. Brilliant.

Guess who won. By almost twice as much as any other entry.

My sister almost peed her pants. I offered her the recipe and she said “No thanks, I already know how to crush candy bars”. I got this gorgeous Williams-Sonoma Cookbook.

See, all the kids weren’t that interested in Egg Nog Trifle, but man, they really did love a bowl full of pieces of candy bars, it turns out. And they got to vote too! Of the 9 little snowmen originally on top of the bowl, only 2 were left by 8pm.

I’m kind of embarrassed, but at the same time I laugh all over again just thinking about it. I suppose next year I’ll go for a regular entry just to give someone else a chance to win, but man, was that ever funny.