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Goodbye, David

David Brudnoy lost his battle with cancer last night, and the world is a sadder place. If I had to say one thing that amazed me about him, it was his ability to consume books at a rate most humans would crumble under. Not Harlequin Romance-sized stuff, but great, honking non-fiction works that would take mere mortals weeks to read and understand. But David would read these books so that he could discuss them, in great detail and with great understanding, with the authors on his show every night. I mean, most interviewers fake it. Read the front cover, maybe chapter one, a summary provided by the publicist, and skim the rest pulling out a nugget or two so they can sound like they’ve read it. I never ever got that sense with David, and if he did do it, he owned up to it up front.

No, I didn’t know him personally, but from where I used to sit in my car listening, I was completely in awe of his intellect, his ability to empathize, and to communicate, not only because he did it so well, but because his voice was just wonderful to listen to.

And so, the world is a sadder place today. He was one of a kind.