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Month: December, 2004

D’Oh! New Interviews Posted

Gosh, I got behind in reposting Still Life with Interviews. I have a new one from November and the most recent one posted now. I’m sorry about that!


Loot Review

*As a disclaimer, I am trying to continue with the normal, mundane posts, even though my every thought is on the other side of the world. If you are thinking I am insensitive for continuing the grand tradition of stupid blog posts in the face of tragedy, well, might I suggest I cannot undo what is done, and I cannot take away all we received for Christmas. I’m just saying.*

I wanted to give a quick toy review based on the stuff Santa (and relatives) jammed under the tree this year. Apparently Junior was a very good boy, that’s all I’ll say.

Winner, Mom’s Favorite Toy (All Around)

Geomags. Holy cow, are these things fun. And addictive. I just ordered more (and they aren’t cheap). But they are indestructable, and last night we played with these for almost 2 hours, no television on in the background or anything.

Winner, Mom’s Favorite Game

The board game CountDown. Well, it isn’t really a board game, but you know what I mean. Hey, any game that involves math (adding for now, but subtraction, multiplication and division when he can handle it) but is fun gets an A+. I like this better than any of the video games he received.

Most Heartbreakingly Disappointing Toy

The GameCube game Ty 2. (Not to be confused with Tak 2). Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was one of our favorite video games ever. I cannot say enough good things about it. It was easy for Junior to play even two years ago, and it was easy for me to play (which is saying something). So when Santa saw Ty 2 was out, he got one. I guess the makers of this game assumed that only people who played the original would pick it up, because it doesn’t start easy and build up, it starts out in the middle of a huge battle with multiple bad guys from the first game. I mean, 10 seconds after you start it. What the hell? And then, when we got past that, we have to battle these huge robots. NONE of us can get past that, which means we got 10 minutes into the game and got hopelessly stuck. It puts you in an endless loop until you kill off all these robots before they kill you. I cannot begin to express what a disappointment this game is, given how much I adored the first one. So sad.

Winner, Best Grown-up Toy

Mr. Dump got me an Archos AV420 Video and MP3 player. It works like an iPod (or iRiver, or any of the others) but it can also record video off the tv to play back later, like a VideoNow or JuiceBox, except not proprietary. I have a 3 hour Dickens special from PBS on there right now, and a couple of cartoons. Plus about 1/3 of my CDs are on it. Don’t get an iPod, get one of these. Really. (And Mr. Dump got my iPod, which was barely 4 months old, so we’re BOTH happy!)

Winner, Junior’s Favorite Toy

Okay, it’s a 10-way tie, as you can imagine, but I think if he had to pick one thing, it would be the Robosapian he got from his grandparents. This thing is unbelievably cool. The grownups are having as much fun as the kids. The only issue we ran into was that they all run on the same frequency, so you can’t buy more than one per household. Then again, you don’t really need more than one. It was kind of funny to watch them at mom’s house do synchronized movements. Hey, anything for a laugh.


Last of the Year

We’ve officially started making note of the “lasts” of 2004. This morning, I pumped gas for the last time in 2004 (unless I decide to make a run for it and road trip hundreds of miles from here between now and Friday. I mean, it could happen, but probably won’t.

The last paycheck of 2004 is coming up. And I need to make the last grocery store run of 2004. I live such an exciting life.

In other news, The Cubes I ordered came in! This morning I set up Ted and Ann. I gave Ted the blue screen of death for his computer, and gave Ann Outlook. But I could have had her playing solitaire. I just didn’t want to have to repremand her on a daily basis for never doing any work.

Please note that Ted, above, has donated for Tsunami relief via the links in the upper right corner of every page of this site. I have also added a link to Oxfam America. I saw pictures of boxes of supplies being distributed with their logo on them, and realized these guys are getting in there quickly. Speed is of the essense.


Tsunami Relief Efforts

From here, the best we can do is donate money to the organizations that can best get to the areas that need the most help and supplies.

I personally chose to donate to Doctors Without Borders, which narrowly edged out the International Red Cross. I think either of these are worthy.

If nothing else, my donation makes me feel a little less helpless right now.

Updated: You can now donate to the American Red Cross (earmarked for Tsunami relief) via (


Short Week

2nd short week in as many, and I’m already getting depressed that we have to wait a whole year to hit the holiday/days off season again. I mean, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, we’re flush with holidays. I love it. Live for it. I’m in the post-holiday “oh my God, I have nothing to look forward to” period. Sad.

Or maybe it’s just me. Some people are happy the holidays are over.

What would be nice is if I had this whole week off with Junior. Man, do I ever miss school vacations. We had no idea how great we had it back then.


Man, do I sound happy today or what?


Happy Purse Day

I’m sorry, but I am only human. Although I’m officially working from home (no, really I am) I took Junior to the mall for lunch today, and I snuck into Filenes to see if they had any sweaters. I got a $50 sweater set (black) for $20. And then I had to walk by purses for the 2nd time and got sucked in. Oh my goodness, it was like being in a candy factory. And the amazing thing was the discount. Am I supposed to turn down a $5 purse? I’m only human you know! Sheesh! So ya, I bought three. Black, red and purple. I was going to give one of them to my step-daughter, but she hates my taste so I may end up with all three of them. Hey, at least I can say I tried, right?

p.s. The Chuck E Cheese isn’t open yet but it is WAY bigger than I thought it would be. It looks nice. The only way to access it is from outside the mall (just like the Old Navy and Circuit City.) Oh, and the DQ/Orange Julius is open.

p.p.s. Why the HELL did they get rid of Auntie Anne’s pretzels? Communists!


Later That Same Christmas

Ahhh, Sunday Morning. I keep thinking it’s Monday, and I’m guessing I’m not the only one. I am sitting here resisting the uncontrollable urge to go to the mall. I want to take advantage of the sales, but I don’t want to have to take Junior with me, as he hates shopping and the whole thing would end up being a tremendous pain in the butt. Mr. Dump knew I wanted a sweater and some pants and a pair of shoes for Christmas, but was wise enough to not buy me any of the above. I mean, you don’t just buy shoes for someone else for a gift. But you can tell that person to go pick out some shoes after Christmas.

I’m also hammed out. I love ham, don’t get me out. But I had it for three out of the past five meals. Dinner Friday night, lunch yesterday, and a few bites of ham and potato soup that my sister made last night. It was great ham, and there is still a piece or two of the leftovers in my fridge right now, but I could really use some chicken today. I did get the leftover lobster bisque from my sister’s house. Silly humans were eating the ham and potato soup because it was “home made” (as opposed to the bisque, purchased at Scupperjacks. Have you ever had it there? Heaven.) So I think I need to bring some over to my mom’s house because I do NOT want this to go to waste, and I think my dad would like some.

And you?


Merry Christmas!

Yes, I’m sad it’s over. It really did sneak up this year. But in another way, I’m glad it’s over. You know, I won’t dwell on it too much. I was looking to see if we had any Kahlua around here. Is that too much to ask?


You Want to Look Evil in the Face?

I do an evil gift exchange with a group of friends I’ve had for something like 10 years now. Many moons ago we started a tradition we like to call “Secret Satan”. It involves sending something evil instead of nice for a Christmas present. You know, every time you’re out and you think “God, you would only buy that for someone you hate” you get to buy it and send it to someone in an effort to be the person who sends the most evil gift of all.

I say the person who sent me my gift wins. It’s so evil, I made a little video of it in action for you to enjoy. Thanks Jack. You’re a pal. Junior loves it and is watching it even as I type.

(This video file is just under 500k)

View the Video


Happy Festivus

It’s December 23rd – Festivus! Feats of strength will happen later this afternoon, when I try to open the child-proof cap on my Advil.

And it is now time for the airing of grievances:

  1. To Blog Spammers – I hate you. I detest you. You are the stuff on the ground in the parking lot that I avoid stepping on. The only thing lower than you is a person who would read your crap and visit your site and buy something, thus ensuring the cycle continues. They have yet to invent the proper word for those idiots.
  2. To The people who ignored facts and voted for Bush anyway, because it was the American thing to do. Oh, wait, are they now admitting there’s no exit strategy? Huh, when Kerry mentioned that during the debates, they said he was full of smoke. Well, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and boy, are your pants ablaze, W.
  3. To our dental insurance carrier: You stink. You are a waste of premiums. $750 deductible? Per covered individual? So my family’s annual deductible costs could reach over 2200 bucks? What is the point of the insurance? Free cleanings? Hell, those are only 40 bucks. I’d prefer dental insurance that makes me pay for cleanings but covers 100% of a root canal with no deductible. You stink. You stink like festering gum disease.
  4. To Britney Spears: Are you crazy? Your husband is the Larry Fortensky for the 21st century. Congratulations for your complete descent into irrelevance and white-trashery. That was some wedding “gown”. And p.s. your insistance thatwomen everywhere wish they were Mrs. Federline amuses me to no end. No thank you, I’d rather be with someone who bathes, dresses appropriately in public, and doesn’t come off as a grocery store bagger on a bender. No offense to grocery store baggers.
  5. To me, for being so damned lazy. Sheesh! And also for continuing to add to this list instead of creating new posts.