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Two Snippets from the Novel

Okay, two Nano Novel snippets. I warned you!

“I want people. I would be happy with just a person. Well, one person if that person was a real go-getter. I don’t want a slacker lackey for my person. I would have to trade up for a new person. And that would also mean it was my responsibility to let the bad person go. I’m no good at firing people. Would I have to give slacker lackey a written warning first? “Become a go-getter or you’re out.” What if the warning made him start to screw up the stuff he was doing because he knew that there was no way he could transform himself into the person I needed him to be. Can you see how ugly all of this is getting, and it is not even reality? My God, I’m just better off being a loner nobody. It’s just easier.”


“…and I told her that I wasn’t feeling well but she made me come in anyway. And I told her that I might have some kind of eye infection but she didn’t want to hear it and she said as long as I washed my hands a lot and used some of the Purell antibacterial stuff, I would be able to work and not infect anyone else. So it’s on her head if the whole department breaks out in some freaky eye infection.”