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Snowman Update

It got sunny and warmer today, and everything seems to be melting nicely, if not slowly. Mr. Snowman (see below) was sort of listing to one side.

Junior: Mom, I went to check the snowman and he was all melty.

Me: Well, I’m not surprised.

Junior: Ya, so I [and at this point, I expected him to tell me that he started working to shore up the droopy bits, because this is the kid who cried when the little bug-like creatures in the video game Pikmen were eaten by bigger bug-like creatures. So he’s going to try to save Frosty, right?] smashed it with my foot.

I think I went into shock. Sure, every other six year old boy on the planet (and plenty of the girls) would have done that. But not mine! And yet, Frosty is no more. What have you done with my child! I blame public schools.

(Oh, that reminds me. I got a letter in the mail today from the assistant principal, telling me that Junior has excessive absences, and if he’s going to be out he needs to bring a note with him. Um, ya, so what did y’all do with the note that I sent in with him two days prior to him being out, just in case the teacher forgot the conversation I’d had with her two weeks earlier? Huh? Do you people talk to each other at all? Did you check out his made up school work and the vacation journal he wrote? Huh? )