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Ow, My Head!

I’ve got a cold. I was in denial for days, but I’m going to have to just face facts. When your coughing keeps you awake, you have time to think about it. I know it could be allergies, there is always that chance, but my cube-neighbor had a similar illness about a week ago, and right now I’m feeling kind of achy, and the symptoms seem to be not allergy-ish.

I am working from home today because I had someone coming to the house, and now I’m thinking this was pure luck because now I can take a nap to make up for some of the time I lost last night. I hate coughing. I hate that it keeps me up, and that it can keep others up. And trying to not cough makes it all worse. Ugh.

Oh, so now that the crabbing part of this post is over, it’s sixty freaking degrees outside! I’m going to put on a halter top and some daisy dukes and just go out by the cement pond to relax!*

*Oh, don’t worry. I don’t own either article of clothing, and I’ve got a plastic pool, but no cement pond.