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Nano Update

Ugh, still behind. I crossed the 14000 mark last night (barely) and I have to write 6-8000 today to catch up to where I should be. I’d be happy to do four today.

I am actually planning to pack up the laptop and head over to Barnes and Noble for 3:30. In the Nano forums I set up an informal gathering for the local folks. I figure worst case, I’ll get an hour in a different environment, and snag some fancy hot cocoa to boot. I’ll try to avoid the cheesecake.

Junior has been bugging me for over a week for a book, so Mr. Dump will meet me there after they get back from the movies (he’s taking my step-kids to see The Incredibles because they hadn’t seen it yet) and I’ll offer them each a book. It’s so funny…if he asked for a toy, I’d say no. But a book? How can I refuse?