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Nano Update

As of this very second (if you don’t count that I’m not writing, I’m updating the Dump) I have 42581 words. I have until midnight Tuesday to hit 5000. My goal for tonight, which I may or may not make, given that I’m getting a little tired and I have work tomorrow, is 44000, which would give me only 3000 per day for the next two days. Entirely do-able.

The quality of my writing has flown into the toilet in an effort to get the word count up. It’s an ugly scene in my Word file. Here’s a sample for you, in which I take advantage of the time-honored tradition of repeating words as often as possible.

“What the hell kind of friends do I have that they won’t let me eat pie in peace? For goodness’ sake, it’s just pie. What is wrong with pie? If they won’t let me have pie, I’m just going to have to dump them for some other friends. Some friends who can appreciate that the body needs pie, just like it needs sunshine, root beer and Durkee’s fried onion rings. ”