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Nano Novel and Tooth Status

I broke the 11000 mark this evening. I’m still behind a bit. I think that technically I’m supposed to be closer to 17k, but I just took the balance of what is remaining and divided it by the number of days remaining. I suppose maybe I could catch up the extra 6k over the weekend, but I don’t want to sprain something.

While I type this Mr. Dump is attempting to rip out one of Junior’s teeth. In a good way. That thing is flapping back and forth so loosely that neither of us can figure out how it’s still attached. Unfortunately, the tooth that’s supposed to be pushing it up and out is coming in behind that one, which makes me cringe because he had such lovely, straight baby teeth, and the first grown up tooth is already messed up. Braces. I mean, I love the look of a kid with braces, I really do. My step-kids have them, and I think they look cute on them. I had them. Mr. Dump had them. My sister had them. Was it too much to ask for Junior to have perfect teeth? I guess so.

Time to make another dentist appointment. They said to call when the first big tooth started coming in, and this would be it, eh?