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Mark My Words

Well, that’s that. And let me tell you this. When the poop starts to hit the fan this time around, El Presidente won’t be able to blame it on the previous administration. Now they’ll have to take responsibility for unemployment, rising gas prices, etc. This will be a new thing for W, who lived by the rule “the buck stops anywhere but here”.

Americans are in for 4 more years of this administration doing whatever the hell it wants, whenever it wants. They answer to no one. If you object, you are called a traitor. We aren’t allowed to ask the tough questions – the man won’t hold any press conferences. He surrounds himself with only people who agree with him. This isn’t a president “for the people”. This is a president who is only looking out for his own interests, and that is just the most depressing thing of all.

Enough about politics, I’m sure some readers are all ready to yell at me for it anyway.