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I Voted, Did You?

Don’t forget to vote. Don’t say that you don’t need to because your vote won’t count. Remember Florida in 2000, okay? We still fill in the little circles with Sharpie markers in Leominster. No number two pencils for us, when we vote, we commit! No erasing! This is permanent!

On to other things…

I’m way behind on my Nano Novel already. I shouldn’t have signed up, I know. I have two other things (an article for and my formal journal) I’m trying to get written. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

I still have to edit all the movies I took down in Florida. A friend of mine says that not being able to record video to DVD is actually standard – it just doesn’t work right. So do I try a new drive or not? I have burned them in the past, which is what makes me think it’s a hardware problem.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is three weeks from today. Oy.