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Easy Like Sunday Morning

I think I’ve used that Title Before. It’s going to have to be okay, because I’m not going to change it. I’m taking the easy way out today, as I already mentioned in the title.

Yesterday was a great day. Sorry I didn’t get around to telling you about it. Not only did we squeeze in a trip to the Higgins Armory Museum (oh my God, have you been there? Unbelievable!), but we also got the train I wanted for Christmas (scaled to go around my Dept 56 Village pieces that I’ve been collecting for 10 years or so now) and, get this, Mr. Dump put up the outside Christmas lights. I have to tell you, that’s the shocking one for the day. This is a man who isn’t into Christmas a half of what I am, and putting up the lights has definitely been my job over the years. But he not only did it, he wanted to. Now I am sad to announce that I let him pick out the color because I had done it like the past 6 years or so, and this year we’re stuck with white. It looks nice, but I like to put solid red or solid blue. Or mixed. We were usually the house that broke up the white monotony.

But I get to pick the colors for the tree in the house, so that’s okay. And no way in heck we’re putting all white lights on the tree in the house. Nope. Nosiree.