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Shaving Ten Years Off Your Life

I know how to do it! You just be a witness to a nasty accident! Front row seats are the way to go, if you’re looking to have your day ruined!

We were in the car, waiting for our light to turn green. As we sat there with our jaws in our laps, we watch a woman come SCREAMING through the intersection, where she smashed another car (who was waiting to turn left) head on. I ran out of the car to see if the woman who got hit was okay, she was kind of walking in a daze away from her car, which looks demolished. The other woman, an older one, got out of her car and was just yelling to anyone who would listen that she had a green light. Except she didn’t. And she was flying, like 40-45mph, through the intersection to beat the red light. Mr. Dump had noticed their light was yellow. The poor woman who got his wasn’t even moving at the time.

There’s a chance the speed demon may have had to have a blood test at the hospital, if you know what I mean. We were there for 45 or so minutes, picking pieces of car out of the road at one point so that some of the backed-up traffic could start moving, and then helping to move one of the cars out of the road before stopping to make our statement to the police. When the younger woman’s boyfriend drove up, he was with her as they put her in an ambulance (she may have hit her head – I don’t think her airbag deployed properly, it seemed to me that it was late and it never covered her whole view, I don’t think. He came over to the cop to ask what he should do, and while he waited I asked if he was okay (he looked AWFUL). He said he’d been waiting at home with their daughter to start the daughter’s birthday party.

I am just so furious with the woman who caused this accident. She was going too fast for ANY intersection, never mind this one (at Watertower plaza, for those of you familiar with N. Main St. in Leominster) and she ran a yellow light. Never mind if there was a substance involved. It just makes me ill that she ruined someone else’s week or even month. Grrrr.

So anyway, I just wanted to write all this down to kind of get it out of my system. I took the time to tell the kids (my step-son is visiting) that THIS is why even when your light turns green, you look both ways before you start to pull out into an intersection. If Mr. Dump had started to move out, she would have nailed our car.