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Preparing for Game Seven and Vacation

Tonight, I will have snacks prepared. By the 9th inning last night, I was sitting in bed with my stomach rumbling. I was wondering why I was hungry when I realized I had only eaten dinner a mere six hours before. No wonder I was grumbly.

We leave for vacation Friday, which means I don’t want to go to the store and buy stuff I’ll have to dispose of tomorrow. That’s the hard part – buying just enough food to get through the week without having too much left over. Or without having stinky garbage to deal with. So no KFC because I’d have to store the bones in the freezer until after we get back.

This game has to end before midnight. I can’t keep staying up this late. I have to work. And after the game ended last night I was so wound up it took me about an hour to fall asleep. Not good.

In other trip-preparation news, Mike the Fish was swimming kind of funny last night. I put some drops in his water, fed him a little extra, and am hoping for the best. I have to drive him across town so my mom’s neighbors can watch him (they are fish people). I figure they can deal with him being sick or dying much better than my neighbor. I don’t want him to die and her to feel guilty about it. We’ve had Mike the Fish for almost three years, and I thought that was a long time until I just went to a website that said they can live for 8-10 years. Whoa.

I put him in a bowl with clean water and the regular stuff I put in it to make the water safe for him, and tonight I’ll do a good scrubbing on his regular tank. I was going to just drop him off in the big glass bowl (it has a lid for transportation) but after reading this site, it says that this kind of fish really likes to have the plants and rocks and stuff to hide around, so maybe I’ll send him over in that. I don’t feel like heading to the pet store to buy plants for the bowl, and the ones in his regular tank aren’t removable (which, by the way, is bad. They are impossible to completely clean).

Remind me to thank my friend for giving Junior this pet for his 4th birthday, would you?