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Month: October, 2004

parade to start in 15 mins

I’ll have video and photos…if I can’t post them tonight I will tomorrow night!


Sox at Disney

I tried to email a photo but it didn’t work! Main Street USA is decorated with Red Sox balloons, and some of the players will be here for the 2pm parade! OMG!


We Can All Die Happy Now…

I’m sure 1000s of other people have already said it, and said it better than I did, but man, am I a happy girl. I watched the 86 series in the lounge of my dorm room, just stunned when we lost. Yesterday I watched the game from our hotel room on the fifth floor of Disney’s Beach Club Hotel, and I was happy. It was one of those “where did you watch the Sox break the curse” things. I was on vacation. You know what, though? Last night didn’t thrill me the way beating the Yanks in 7 last week did. THAT, to me, was better than the World Series.

And now, we can look at anyone carrying around a 1918 sign as a loser, too afraid to face the truth – that curses are bunk, and we were the best team and the way we plowed through the last eight games proves that it wasn’t a fluke.

Go Sox! You Rule!


Good Evening, Sunshine

Quick check in from the Sunshine State. We finally paid for the internet connection from the room, so I’m actually doing this on Mr. Dump’s computer instead of my phone. Can you tell the difference? I thought not.

We’ve hit all the parks and then some. Today was our second hit to MGM/Disney Studios. Guess who finally went on Tower of Terror? That’s right, I’m one bad mamma jamma. And yesterday I went on Mission Space. I just want to say I don’t appreciate the feeling Mission Space gives you, which is something akin to having your breasts (should you have them) weigh 500 pounds each – causing your chest to compress. I hear that’s the g-forces at work, and I just decided to not pursue a career in space travel. Other than that, it’s pretty cool. I just never ever need to go on it again.

Gotta go, we’re headed off to the Food and Wine Expo at Epcot. Epcot is a 5 or 10 minute walk from our hotel, which is amazing. I do want to say that I don’t appreciate that there’s a relatively high level of public intoxication during this festival. I guess that’s what happens when you have a billion people sampling beer and wine every 15 feet, I guess that’s bound to happen.

I can’t believe how crowded it is down here. I mean, I’m just sad that it’s as busy as it is. I had hoped for short lines all around, but we’ve had long waits at each of the parks for certain rides. 45 minutes for Peter Pan at the Magic Kingdom on Monday. In October? Why aren’t these kids in school? Oh, wait, ours aren’t either.

Okay, they’re waiting for me. Talk later!


Baseball from Florida

You know what’s stinky about watching the World Series from here in Florida? No Tivo. You takes yer chances if you need a pee break. On the other hand, because we’re staying on the concierge level, we have free alcoholic beverages. While some might not consider a sombrero a baseball kind of beverage, it’s my drink of choice today.

Pedro, by the way, rocks.


Good morning, sunshine state!

I haven’t forgotten you so much as I’ve been on a technology vacation. But I did want to poke my nose in and give the Red Sox a big wet Disney kiss for winning the first two games.

Mr. Dump has been wearing a Sox hat since we arrived and people just start talking to us about how much they want the Sox to win. Cast members, other vacationers, you name it. It’s been weird how people will just start talking to us. I love Sox fans! And I love the Sox!

P.s. Florida is great wish you were here!


Bloody Up!

Mr. Dump ran with my idea! What do you think?

Click Here for Wallpaper-sized version


Oh What A Beautiful Morning

Oh what a beautiful day!

You know what’s great? When your six-year-old, who spent all summer saying “not baseball again, can’t we watch Spongebob?” wakes up, hears the news, and asks “so do they play the Astros or the Cardinals?” You have learned well, grasshopper.

I don’t want to hear any more curse BS. Ever. It’s over. If there was a curse, NY would have gotten 8 runs in the ninth. If we hadn’t been swept in 4. THAT is how a curse works. A curse does not give you a record-breaking come-from-behind series at an away game.

Even the NY sports writers are saying the curse is over. People will drag it out, but it won’t intimidate us any longer. I don’t care if we don’t win the World Series, I really don’t. THIS was my World Series. Beating anyone but the Yankees would not have shut them up. Well we shut them the hell up last night

From the New York Post Online Edition, discussing A-Rod as the face of failure

He left last night in October to Bronx boos, the symbol of the greatest Yankee failure ever because it was inflicted by the Red Sox. Rodriguez, who was supposed to be the new Babe Ruth in this rivalry, is instead the face of Yankee failure against Boston, which makes this humiliation excruciating.

They also point out:

No Yankee team had lost both Games 6 and 7 at Yankee Stadium since the 1926 World Series, which ended with Ruth being thrown out trying to steal second. ” Wow, Babe Ruth lost them the World Series. Imagine that.

So I’m done hearing about Babe Ruth. If we win, we win, if we lose, we lose, but it isn’t because of any long-dead baseball players, that’s for damned sure.




No I’m not. Oh my God, the World Series will happen at Fenway.

F— YA!


Why We’re Winning

We had Fenway Franks for dinner tonight.

Of course, if you think I’m eating them for every World Series game, think again.

I just got this flash that something bad has to happen any minute now. But why? Why would something bad have to happen? If there was a curse, we would have lost game 4.

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