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I don’t have any pictures of me (yet) because my dad took them of me, and I took them of everyone else. So here are Mr. Dump and Junior, as a ghoulish guy (I need to find out what exactly he was calling himself) and a werewolf.

Much fun was had by all! (Except for one guy…see story below pictures)

Coming home down route 2 tonight this guy in an SUV was driving like a [fill in the blank] doing at least 80 or so, and we both commented on how the guy was driving, and I was just thinking “he’s probably drunk”. I was also thinking I’d be surprised if he made the corner in Harvard near the closed rest area but he did. A cop came flying behind us and we thought that maybe the SUV was being chased, but the cop pulled over someone else (which confused us). Then at the Shirley exit, there were two cops waiting on the side of the road, so we were thinking maybe there was a prison break or something. Another 1/3 mile down the road we see a cop in the median at the Lancaster exit….at the SUV we’d seen earlier smashed head-on into the guardrail as if he’d tried to take the exit and just never bothered to turn his wheel. I was horrified, and couldn’t understand why the cop was already there unless he was waiting for something else, like the ones at the Shirley exit. Maybe this guy was taking the exit, saw him there, panicked and tried to change his mind and go back on the highway instead of the exit. I hope this one is in the paper tomorrow because it was very confusing to see 4 cops in a 3 mile stretch of road (wait, 5 if you count the one that was going the other way with his lights on.) Only bad mark on the night, and luckily, it didn’t involve us.